Glass Blocks – CK Brand

CK Brand Glass Block is exclusive product from Bangkok Crystal Co. Ltd., Thailand. The Glass Blocks manufactured through the latest, fully automated manufacturing system from Germany. Thus, company ensures consistent shape and quality over each batch of production. Lastly, company’s production technology is designed to comply with “Reuse, Reduce, & Recycle” concept, to assure that best quality product is accomplished with the least possible impact to the environment. More than 80 percent of raw material is taken from the domestic resources such as silica sand, dolomite, and feldspar. Meanwhile, they can increase the material value added and provide more employment to the Thai people.

Shower Enclosures

These days, Shower Enclosure has become an integral part of the Modern Bathroom. Besides serving the functional purpose of separating wet & dry area it gives elegance and style to the Bathroom. It takes the aesthetic of the bathroom to the next level. Shower Enclosure makes bathroom dry, hygienic and safe. Restricting the water inside the wet room only, shower enclosures keep the entire bathroom dry, thus making it bacteria free and hygienic. They also reduces the chances of slippery danger making a bathroom safe.

Door/ Window/Kitchen Hardware

Our exclusive range of Door / Window and Kitchen hardware contains Ball Bearing slides, Door Closers, Cylindrical Door Lock and Soft Close Hinges. We give the best quality products made with superior technology and raw material. All products are manufactured through automated manufacturing plants giving the best technology to your place.

Glass patch Fittings

Our Glass Patch Fitting contains Floor Spring, Patch Fittings, Glass Door Locks, Shower Hinges, Glass Door Handles and L-connectors. These fittings come in modern designs, superior finish & are tested as per international quality standards for their safety and functionality.